Conference & Proceedings: Manga, Comics and Japan: Area Studies as Media Studies

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6 September – 8 September 2018 at Stockholm University.

In 2018 Sweden and Japan celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations. This occasion provides an exceptional opportunity to reconceptualize the study of Japanese culture in a way which meets the requirements of an increasingly networked and digitalized world. Our conference seeks to do that with a Media Studies approach that entwines the technological, social and aesthetic, and acknowledges the importance of everyday practices by non-elite actors. The objective is to revisit the potential and limitations of a privileged academic focus on “area,” in the sense of geopolitics (Japan) as well as subject matter (comics/manga), and to place greater emphasis on mediation in the broadest sense, including ways of how to operate Japan-related expertise as contemporary humanities-based research.

The conference focuses on three aspects:
(1) “Japan as Mangaesque,” related to the highly mediatized nature of contemporary Japanese culture, i.e. its media ecology, highlighting global and local mediations rather than national branding;
(2) “Manga Pedagogy,” applying the mediatic perspective to methodologies of Manga Studies within university programs and academic scholarship; and
(3) “Manga as Comics,” foregrounding media specifity in relation to comics and thereby extending the scope of Manga Studies beyond that of a primarily Japan-related field.


Proceedings available online:

「 少女マンガから見た『GIRL』:その日本での受容を左右するメディアスケープと民族性表現」

“Shōjo manga kara mita GIRL: Sono Nihon de no juyō o sayū suru mediascape to minzokusei hyōgen [GIRL as shōjo manga: Mediascape and conventions for representing ethnicity swaying its reception in Japan],” in Josei manga kenkyū [Women’s Manga Studies], ed. by Ōgi Fusami, Tokyo: Seikyūsha, 2015, pp. 84–105.

「 少女マンガから見た『GIRL』:その日本での受容を左右するメディアスケープと民族性表現」、大房房美編『女性マンガ研究:欧米・日本・アジアをつなぐMANGA』青弓社、2015年

Book: Manga – Medium, Art, and Material (2015)

Jaqueline Berndt, Manga: Medium, Art, and Material, Leipzig UP 2015 (collected articles, partly in German). Cover illustration: Christina Plaka.

ch.1_Teaching Manga Studies: The Case of KSU’s Graduate School
ch. 2_[in German] Traditionsbezüge: „Manga“, Bildrollen und Hokusai Manga
ch. 3_Historical Adventures of a Posthistorical Medium: Japan’s Wartime Past as Represented in Manga
ch.4_Takemiya Keiko: Mangaka with an educational mission
ch.5_[in German] Genji-Manga: Das „Asakiyumemishi“ im wissenschaftlichen Diskurs
ch. 6_Manga as “Literature”: Adaptations of Crime and Punishment in Japanese Comics (1953-2010)
ch. 7_Images to be “Read”: Murakami Takashi’s mangaesque paintings
ch.8_[in German] »Deutschland« im Manga: Ein parodistisches Terrain
ch.9_Magazines and Books: Changes in the Manga Market (co-authored with Enno Berndt)

Book:『国際マンガ研究』/Global Manga Studies (4)

ed., Nihon manga to “Nihon”: Kaigai no sho komikkusu bunka o shitajiki ni (Kokusai manga kenkyū 4) [Japanese manga and “Japan,” seen from the perspective of the respective comics cultures abroad] [Global Manga Studies, 4]. Introduction [individually authored], Kyoto: International Manga Research Center, 2014. Print & Web.
(Proceedings of International Conference coorganized by Kobe University and Kyoto Seika University, June 2012)