Book Chapter: Manga Meets Science: Going beyond the Education-Entertainment Divide

Published in Science meets Comics: Proceedings of the Symposium on “Communicating and Designing the Future of Food in the Anthropocene”, ed. by Alexandra Hamann, Jens Kirstein, Reinhold Leinfelder & Marc Schleunitz, Berlin: Ch. A. Bachmann Verlag, pp. 41–59.Print & Web. [ISBN 978-3-941030-92-3].

Book:『国際マンガ研究』/Global Manga Studies (1)

Sekai no komikkusu to komikkusu no sekai/Comics Worlds and the World of Comics (Global Manga Studies, vol. 1; bilingual edition, English & Japanese), Kyoto: International Manga Research Center, 2010. Introduction, pp. 5–15. Print & Web.
(Proceedings of International Conference held at Kyoto International Manga Museum, December 2009.)