Manga: Reading the FLOW/ Erzählen im Manga

9 September 2021 – 30 January 2022, Museum Rietberg Zürich, accompanying the art-historical exhibition Love, Fight, Feast – Dynamics in Japanese Narrative Art

Curation. Realized in collaboration with Christina Plaka, Koo Bonwon, and Khanh Trinh.

Spring 2021, Teaching at Stockholm University

(1) Manga Studies [undergraduate, in English]
Individual sessions listed here:

(2) Modern Japan [undergraduate, in English]
Individual sessions listed here:

(3) Media Culture in Asia
[Master Program in Asian Languages and Cultures, in English]

Symposium: Playing Japan – Toys, Games, Literature, and Language Education

Wed, 23 Sept. 2020, 13:00–17:00 (Stockholm local time) [via Zoom]
Program and Abstracts (pdf download) here:

13:00–13:10 — Introduction


  • 13:10–14:00 Dr. Hiroshi Yoshida (The University of Tokyo; Aesthetics, Game Studies): Japanese Digital Games in the Tradition of Toys — discussant: Dr. Martin Roth (Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto; Game Studies)
  • 14:10–15:00 — Dr. Björn-Ole Kamm (Kyoto University; Transcultural Studies, Game/Play Studies): Gaming the Classroom: A Material-Semiotic Approach to Teaching Japanese Studies through Game Design — discussant: Luca Paolo Bruno (Leipzig University; Game Studies, Japanese Studies)
  • 15:10–16:00 — Dr. Laura Moretti (Cambridge University; Early Modern Japanese Popular Literature): Play Spaces: Books and Playful Reading in Early Modern Japan — discussant: Dr. Selen Çalic Bedir (Beykoz University, Istanbul; Narratology, Anime/Game Studies)
  • 16:10–17:00 — Dr. Mitsuyo Kuwano Lidén (Stockholm University; Linguistics, Japanese Language Education) Play and Japanese Language Education in JFL setting — discussant: Jaqueline Berndt (Stockholm University; Media Aesthetics, Manga/Anime Studies)