Research Collaboration

(1) with The University of Tokyo
Associate Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Yoshida (The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Letters, Dept. of Aesthetics), Project title: Playing Japan: Games Studies, Anime Research, and Language Education
SU project members (all from the Dept. of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies/Japanese section):
Prof. Dr. Jaqueline Berndt (media aesthetics, manga/anime studies; project leader)
Dr. Mitsuyo Kuwano-Lidén (linguistics, language education)
Ida Kirkegaard (PhD student; visual culture, anime studies)
Stockholm Conference on Wed, 23 September 2020 13:00–18:00

(2) Cambridge-Stockholm Collaborative Research Grants Scheme, 2020–2022
Project title: Invitations to Playful Reading: towards a New Paradigm for the Study of Graphic Fiction from Early Modern to Contemporary Japan partner at Cambridge U: Dr. Laura Moretti, Senior Lecturer in Pre-modern Japanese Studies

(3) with Archive Centre for Anime Studies, Niigata University
Professors ISHIDA Minori and KIM Joon Yang (Niigata University)
Dr. Sheuo Hui GAN (LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore)
Dr. Dario Lolli (postdoc fellow, Keio University, Tokyo)

(4) with Universida de Vigo, Spain; Faculty of Fine Arts, dx5 – digital & graphic art research group, headed by Dr. Ana Soler Baena
Project title: Exploring new graphic territories from a transdisciplinary perspective: Expanded-field comics, artist hyper-books and contemporary animetic theories, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competetiveness, State Secretariat for Research, Development and Innovation (2016 – 2019),
Publication of edited volume with SUP: Anime Studies: Media-Specific Approaches to Neon Genesis Evangelion, eds. José Andrés Santiago Iglesias & Ana Soler Baena.