Book: Manga: Media, Art, and Material

Leipzig University Press, 2015.

ch.1_Teaching Manga Studies: The Case of KSU’s Graduate School
ch. 2_[in German] Traditionsbezüge: „Manga“, Bildrollen und Hokusai Manga
ch. 3_Historical Adventures of a Posthistorical Medium: Japan’s Wartime Past as Represented in Manga
ch.4_Takemiya Keiko: Mangaka with an educational mission
ch.5_[in German] Genji-Manga: Das „Asakiyumemishi“ im wissenschaftlichen Diskurs
ch. 6_Manga as “Literature”: Adaptations of Crime and Punishment in Japanese Comics (1953-2010)
ch. 7_Images to be “Read”: Murakami Takashi’s mangaesque paintings
ch.8_[in German] »Deutschland« im Manga: Ein parodistisches Terrain
ch.9_Magazines and Books: Changes in the Manga Market (co-authored with Enno Berndt)

「書評:Japanese Animation: East Asian Perspectives, edited by Masao Yokota and Tze-yue G. Hu, University Press of Mississippi, 2013[横田正夫・胡智於(珠珠)共編『日本アニメーション:東アジアからの諸視点』]」

『アニメーション研究』第15巻2号A、[The Japanese Journal of Animation Studies, 2014, vol.15, no.2A], (2014年5月)、pp. 40-47.